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qayyums. >> they're good people. i know that his dad is a hard worker. >> reporter: child protective services came to the home to find the sisters watching over 21 infants and toddlers. >> seven children were under the age of 1 and that all seven were strapped into car seats and were at different points inside the residence. >> that would surprise anybody really. i mean you don't want to burglary stuff like that happening, especially -- hear about stuff like that happening, especially next-door to you. >> luckily it wasn't a situation where one was injured or killed or. and. >> reporter: some of the neighbors describe the home daycare. >> cribs everywhere, kids, i wouldn't ever see the kids. they 2 would get dropped off early in the morning. -- they would get dropped off early in the morning. >> reporter: child protective services said they had an expired permit allowing up to five children. a state license had a maximum of 12 children. the family had neither. >> i would definitely let me child be over there because they're great people and i've never seen anything out of the
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ordinary myself. >> reporter: a family member and police firm this, they say that the older sister was the one operating the daycare while both face seven counts of reckless child endangerment, one count for each child found under the age of 1 year old. back to you. >> wonder what all the parents will be doing now with those children. thank you. president obama is condemning the attack in libya that killed that u.s. ambassador and three other americans and u.s. officials are trying to figure out whether terrorists may have actually planned the whole thing. danielle nottingham is at the state department with the latest. >> reporter: the president has ordered increased security at u.s. diplomatic posts around the world as officials try to piece together exactly how this attack happened. a trashed burned out building is all that remains after an
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attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya, that killed four americans including ambassador chris stevens. >> the world must stand together to unquivocally reject these brutal acts. >> reporter: tuesday night a mob with guns and rocket propelled grenades stormed the building. u.s. authorities are investigating whether a group with ties to al-qaeda may have planned the attack. >> make no mistake. we will work with the libyan government to work to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton said ambassador stevens risked his life to help build a better libya and that libyans help get his bodies to hospital. tuesday a mob also reached the u.s. embassy in cairo protesting an obscure american made film about islam. the embassy released a statement condemning the movie drawing criticism from republican presidential candidate mitt romney. >> having that embassy reiterate a statement effectively apologizing for the
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right of free speech is not the right course for an administration. >> reporter: steve croft of 60 minutes asked for the president's reaction to romney's comments. >> governor romney seems to have a tendency to shoot first and aim later and as president one of the things i've learned is you can't do that. >> reporter: the state department has asked all non- u.s. government personnel to leave libya. the fbi has opened an investigation into the deaths of ambassador stevens and the three other americans killed. at the state department, danielle nottingham, derek, back to you. >> thank you. of course, this is a reminder. there are thousands upon thousands of u.s. diplomats working overseas and this horrible killing incident is a reminder that this can be dangerous work. we should also note that many of them have studied, lived or worked right here in the d.c. area and bruce johnson is here with a story of how some of them are reacting to the slayings of the ambassadors and the others overseas. >> absolutely. they're saying it's dangerous work but they're surprised
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because after all, we supported the overthrow of gadhafi. the flag is at half staff outside the johns hopkins graduate school of advanced international studies in washington. >> we're often grateful to our military. we often forget the civilians who serve abroad. >> reporter: daniel serwer is a proffer of conflict resolution at hopkins. he's been in afghanistan, the balkans, iraq, the sudan and libya twice since the revolution. >> whoever did this is a small group and whoever made the film in the u.s. states is that's offensive to muslims, that's a small group, too. the difference is that what the group in the united states did was protected. >> reporter: the school has produced hundreds of diplomats now serving the world over including tunisia, kosovo and malta. the current ambassador to syria, robert ford, he's also a graduate here. he's been called back to the u.s. because it's too dangerous
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there. >> for take lot of students thinking about going -- a lot of students thinking about going into this line of work, we realize this is a potential hazard of the job. >> reporter: these two students are in their final year of study at hopkins before joining the foreign service and say the killings have not changed their career plans. >> i know that libyans and americans alike were fighting in arms against the insurgents to fight away, but sometimes these things just happen. >> reporter: president obama has ordered that security be increased at every diplomatic post around the world. the professor says that may not be enough to guarantee the safety of our diplomats. >> the marines are there to protect the information. >> the marines' primary responsibility is to protect the information in the embassy. the primary responsibility for the physical protection of the embassy under international law belongs with the host country. >> the professor also says lots of guns and rockets are still out in the streets in libya
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since the revolution. so what happened there isn't so surprising to him, derek. what is more surprising to him is what happened in egypt because he says the military does still have command of all of their artillery and how they were able to storm the compound and burn the flag, that sort of thing is a surprise to him. >> and the question, did the host country in this case let us down? absolutely. >> thank you. in capitol heights maryland prince george's county police put on heavy patrols to protect kids walking to and from central high after the stunning murder of an honor role student markel ross gunned down while walking to school tuesday morning. scott broom is live in capitol heights with the latest developments in this case. scott. >> reporter: well, talking to markel's family today it just brought home the stunning enormity of this loss and his mother elizabeth told me this story today. >> had he didn't give my child a -- they didn't give my child a chance to have his own life. >> reporter: elizabeth ross
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telling me her son an honor role athlete walked 2 miles to school every day simply because he wanted to be on time. while so many other kids here find ways to catch rides to school including markel's own two younger brothers, elizabeth said sometimes those rides meant markel was late, so he preferred to walk every day in dawn's early light. tuesday morning 10 minute before 7:00 on old central avenue and capitol heights someone shot and killed him and police don't know why. >> yes, i'm afraid for others. >> reporter: ross said if it was a robbery, the gunman got nothing. >> a watch, tennis shoes, everything was still on his body. >> he had a real nice smile that would brighten everybody's day. >> reporter: fellow students say markel was popular with no known grips or beefs that would lead to this -- grips or beefs that would lead to this -- grudges or beefs that would lead to this. police have no motive. >> at least the rest of the
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week there should be more police presence. >> reporter: and there was police moving in both directions up and down old central avenue as students walked. have you noticed them before this? have they been out here when you normally walked to school? >> no. >> reporter: a promising young man gone, markel's mother now talking about pulling her two sons out of this school district, transferring them elsewhere and a lot of other kids re within a 1.8-mile radius, basically a 2-mile radius, that is where there is no bus service to secondary schools in prince george's county. a lot of parents are already at work early where they just don't have a vehicle and the fact is there are thousands and now's of kids who will continue making this walk with all this uncertainty. reporting live in capital height, maryland, scott broom, 9 news now. >> let's hope police get some answers soon. police shut down a fencing operation run out of a beltsville hair salon. esther godwin is the owner of
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the la shea salon and was taken into custody after a tip from a dsw store loss prevention officer. they say that fencing operation netted about 20,000-dollar in stolen property. the item -- $20,000 in stolen property including purses and jewelry. a woman tells a terrifying story about an attack on an alexandria bike pat around 6 a.m. this morning around holmes run parkway. the 38-year-old woman was jogging, a man grabbed her suddenly from behind. the woman screamed, broke free and got away. this is not the individual in this story. the man was last seen walking on the bike path toward van dorn street. now this next story, police caught the man accused of videotaping underneath women's skirts in takoma park. one of the alleged suspects helped investigators track down 26-year-old tafa myang of silver springs. he asked one lady for directions and the next day she
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spotted the same man at the takoma park metro and later discovered he was using his cell phone to record underneath her skirt. police believe there may be other victims. apple unveiled its highly anticipated new smartphone today and bigad shaban is in san francisco with all the details. >> reporter: the big day of unveilings for apple, the tech giant announcing a new version of itunes and ipod touch and nano but the iphone 5 stole the show. apple's new iphone 5 rose onto the stage on a pedestal as a company executive showed off the smartphone's new features. >> it is the most beautiful product we have ever made. >> reporter: there's a larger spray, taller slimmer design, longer -- display, taller slimmer design, faster data speeds. one of the biggest changes is a new connector to attach the iphone to other brands of computers and chargers.
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apple will offer an adapter so it can plug into old accessories. the i-phone 5 will cost between 199 and $399. the new iphone has also improved voice activated helper called siri with new information about restaurants, movies and sports. did the san francisco 49ers win last weekend? >> the 49ers were victorious over the packers, 30-22 last sunday. >> reporter: tech writer scott stein has covered apple for eight years and says at lure has not faded. >> i think in the beginning it was futurism and now what makes it attractive is ease of use and consistency. >> reporter: the original iphone spawned a new market for smartphones. exeat fors have been working to close the gap -- competitors have been working to close the gap. apple fans will get to decide for themselves when the iphone 5 goes on sale september 21st. here in the u.s. people can preorder the iphone 5 this
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friday. lesli, back to you. >> it's exciting. thank you. apple has sold more than 250 million iphones since it introduced the very first one five years ago. if you're planning to get a new iphone, what do you do with the old one? old iphones are still holding value pretty well. you can get $275 for an at&t version and about 230 bucks for the verizon and sprint models for the 16 gigabyte iphone 4s. you will get less money for less memory and for pan older model iphone -- an older model iphone, if your screen is cracked, that knocks some dollars off, too. owners can sell their phones on the website gazelle or networks or game stop or apple. still ahead a new study questions how long the whooping cough vaccine really works. >> reporter: let you know if you can rest the ac tonight and more changes for the weekend. we'll tell you which day is the better of the two. heavy load in america. but mitt romney plan, a middle class to $2,000 more a year in taxes. multi-millionaires like hielf hits the middle class harder... bigger break. forward for america? this message.
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so the fast food chain that put super sized on its menu is now letting you know just how much that will cost you in calories. mcdonald's is adding calorie counts to all of its menus. the nation's largest hamburger chain announced a program today designed to help customers know more about their dining choices when they order.
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>> starting next week our menu boards will coast the calorie information for mcdonald's national menu items. we're voluntarily taking a lead in this area because we feel it's important to do this for our customers. >> some state already require restaurants to list calorie counts on all their menus and boards. under the new u.s. healthcare law restaurants across the country will be required to follow suit. mcdonalds plans to add more fresh fruit and vegetables to its menu. >> guys, let's take it outside. >> it definitely takes the fun out of the old double quarter cheese. you see that 2,000 calories up there. >> it's a good value, though. just beautiful here. now we showed you vivid leslie yesterday, the tropical storm. we'll go back to november scioscia and -- nova scotia and
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this poor fellow's corvette, garage went on top of it. hard to patch fiberglass. that is an old corvette, too, maybe a '73. yesterday we showed you the flooding. now we had wind damage in nova scotia. it's bad luck, man. let's take a live look outside, our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. it's just severe clear as we call it really. look at the temperature, 80 degrees, dew point 52. the dew points aren't as blow as yesterday but still low 50s is great for dew point, humidity below 40%, open up the windows, turn off the ac. take a jog, bike ride, no problem. 78 in vienna, 81 great falls, 77 fairfax, 78 arlington, 80 downtown, 81 college park, 79 in bowie. our nice stretch will continue, cool again tonight, perhaps not quite as chilly as last night, a terrific thursday. the humidity stays low, good
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hair days, and remember your shades tomorrow because we're looking at essentially clear skies. now tonight clear and cool, leave the ac off. you'll need a sweater if you're out past about 10:00 or so. i don't know if you're going crazy on wednesday night, but if you, do bring a sweater, 52 to 62 downtown. tomorrow morning sunny, cool start, need a sweater at the bus stop, 50s and 60s. don't think we'll see any 40s tomorrow morning and then by afternoon mostly sunny, gorgeous again, not human, high temperatures in the low 80s -- humid, high temperatures in the low 80s, wind out of the southeast at 10. zone forecast, beautiful from the mountains to the coast, 74 in oakland, jump the divide, 80 in cumberland, hagerstown, martinsburg, winchester, low 80s toward culpeper, 80 in warrenton, leesburg and manassas. downtown we're looking at temperatures in the low 80s, even up to 70, low 80s toward frederick and into southern
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maryland. next three days we keep it code green with our 9 weather alert, why wouldn't we? spectacular tomorrow, sunshine 81. nice friday. however, we have some clouds coming in late friday and maybe a shower friday night, 802. good news is that cleans us up for the -- 82. good news is that cleans us up for the weekend, nice on saturday, good shape sunday, partly cloudy, temperatures in the upper 70s. so that front that was going through saturday now appears to be weaker than we thought and go through friday night instead of saturday. may work out pretty well actually. monday we're also looking at a return to showers and norms, temperatures low 70s and back in the low 80s tuesday, maybe a shower and kind of cool, low 70s next wednesday and that's with full sunshine. so for the most part we'll finish the week strong but maybe a shower friday night. >> love fall weather. >> do not tweak the weekend. do not do it. >> now we got it where we want it. folks, this is just awful, more rabid animals out there
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terrorizing some neighborhoods in fairfax county. police say there have been two more reports in the lake bar croft area. a rabbit raccoon, remember -- a rabid raccoon, remember what it did to that poor woman, now another one is chasing people and in spring neil pay rabid beaver was chasing children near a -- springfield a rabid we've was chasing children near a nature center >> reporter: a rabid beaver jumped out of the water and onto a dog saying the beaver was acting aggressively and chasing after children. then just 10 miles down the road another rabid animal. this time a rabid raccoon was going after neighbors there. carey doyle's father was walking their dog sunday afternoon when out of nowhere a rabid raccoon came up to them. >> he was pretty freaked out by it. you don't expect to have a rabid raccoon in a neighborhood like this. >> reporter: she said it was acting strangely and even
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approaching other neighbors near their home. >> it followed them to our house into our driveway. >> reporter: it is the second incident of a rabid animal in this lake bar croft neighborhood. just last week an 83-year-old woman was attacked by a rabid beaver while she was swimming in the lake. all the report ad impressive animals including this rabid beaver from -- reported aggressive animals including this rabid beaver from last week were tracked down and killed. >> it seems too soon to make that kind of statement that something is going on, but certainly when these types of things happen, we do look and make note of them. >> reporter: at hidden pond nature center in springfield kids were just finishing a fishing competition when they saw a rabid beaver come up and start chasing them. with now three rabid animal reports in the last week, neighbors are now a little more on edge. >> we have tons of animals in this neighborhood and people walking their dogs and lots of children. so it's kind of unsafe. >> reporter: what's so unusual is the fact we have two cases
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of rabid beavers and police say what they think could be going on is that those beavers are being bitten by rabid raccoons. in springfield anny hong, 9 news now. >> beavers being bitten by raccoons, who knew? police say there were no injuries from last weekend's incident and animal control officers will be canvassing affected neighborhoods with flyers reminding everybody with rabies safety. it looks like william and kate are doing a little family planning. coming up hear what the prince has to say about royal heirs. >> but first the new marriage contract gaining popularity among those newlyweds out there. you've heard of prenups. up next we'll tell you about the post nups.
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teachers union leaders are now studying a new contract proposal from the chicago school board but still no end in sight to the teacher strike out there. now the walkout in chicago is in day no. 3 and among the key remaining issues, a new teacher evaluation system and process for deciding which laid off teachers would be rehired. that strike is affecting 350,000 students.
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on the other hand, today this was a salute to the american worker and longevity. loren waite was introduced at the press club as the nation's oldest worker. this fellow is 100 years old and works at the wal-mart in winnfield, kansas. he was recognized by experience works which is the nation's largest organization helping people remain in the workplace past traditional retirement age. wade's retirement from the post office lasted all of three weeks before he decided to go back to work at wal-mart. >> i bet people are happy to see his face every day. now a subject that makes many couples uncomfortable. it's not a happy thought. what happens if a marriage doesn't work out? >> we've all heard about those prenuptial agreements, but the latest contract to gain steam among spouses is not signed until after the honeymoon is over called a postnup. brian and mary are passed divorcees who recently tied the knot. >> both of have us been married twice.
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the first one ended okay. the second one was a nightmare. >> this time mary wanted to protect her assets, so she and brian signed a post nuptial agreement. >> i think there's a bit more peace of mind, a bit more stability in a sense. >> a post nun is a legally binding document -- nup is a legally binding document similar to a prenuptial agreement signed after a couple says their vows. >> any two people who feel they're in conflict and feel that a marriage may be dissolved should try and define what they would do in the event of a divorce in advance. it does bring clarity to the situation. >> the terms of the agreement can deal with practically anything from checking and savings accounts to debt and child support to personal property. >> we have many instances where people talk about who is going to have custody of the pet. i've had different pieces of china and silverware that were divided in advance. >> for brian and his wife working out who gets what was simple. >> what we come into the
5:27 pm
marriage with is what we would each leave with. >> well, what would happen to those assets accumulated during the marriage? lawyers we talked with tell us some couples have separate credit and bank accounts and decide who will cover which bill each month. all of this can be stipulated in the post nup. ohio is the only state currently that prohibits postnuptial agreements. coming up a new study raises questions about the effectiveness of the whooping cough vaccine, which kids might be at risk. >> also ahead a boy who could barely see over the steering wheel takes his mom's car for a joyride. wait till you hear why. >> reporter: how do you move a house that preach dates the civil war? very carefully -- predates the civil war? very carefully. i'm peggy fox in herndon. i'll show you how and why they're moving this house and where it's going coming up.
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when developers buy a plan, often some old houses get passed for some bigger homes, but that's not the case today. sky 9 caught the great lengths one developer is going to to save a very old home. >> had he they had to hoist it -- they had to hoist it up on stilts and steel beams and they are connected to sets of huge tires which will roll the house, but very, very slowly. peggy fox with a firsthand look at the action and how it all
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comes together. >> reporter: we are underneath a 3,000 square foot home that's been hoisted up and is now on wheels. >> these wheel systems that you see here are hydraulicically controlled. >> reporter: the hydraulics can be raised and lowered. the home was built around 1850. >> it is sort of sad in a way, but progress has to go on, i guess. >> reporter: 93-year-old world war ii vet colonel karl payne was the previous owner. he bought it from the family who bought it in 1861. >> when i bought the house, it was literally falling down. the floors were sag. the windows leaked. it was in bad shape. >> reporter: so you put a lot of love into it. >> i put a lot of love and money into it. >> thank goodness they didn't tear it down. >> reporter: the developer saw the home as an asset. >> part of the character of why people would want to live here in the first place are these older attract active homes and
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these obviously are contributing structures to the historic district. >> reporter: to make sure the house isn't damaged while it's moved it has to go very, very slowly, so slowly, in fact, that it will take until friday for it to reach its final destination only 200 feet away. the old home will sit at the entrance way to the new 11-home development to be called none row hill. they're going to put more love into -- called monroe hill. they're going to put more love into it. >> i hope. i hope i can live to see it. >> reporter: i think you will. >> let's just hope there's no flat tire. by the way, the homes in the monroe hill development price at around $716,000 just to start. topping our health alert the fda has a new tool to help keep you safe from counterfeit drugs called the counterfeit detection device no. 3 or cd3 for short. this hand held device developed by fda scientists uses a laser to identify fake drugs,
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cosmetics, medical devices and tobacco products already in use at border crossings, international mail facilities and fda field labs. 2012 may be a banner year for whooping cough in the united states and that's not a good thing. to make matters worse, a new study is questioning just how long the vaccine really lasts. >> are you ready? >> reporter: 5-year-old twin solania and enzo are getting their fifth dose of the dtap vaccine today. >> i think it's important to protect the kids from all the illnesses out there. >> reporter: a new study in the new england journal of medicine is raising concerns about that final dose of whooping cough vaccine and just how long it protects kids. kaiser permanente researches are found the effectiveness fades about 40% in the five years after vaccination. >> every year it gets a little less effect activity. >> reporter: dr. amy porter says infants under 6 months are most susceptible because they're not fully vaccinated
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yet. in this study 80% of kids with whooping cough caught it from an older relative. >> as the vaccine starts to get less effective, it's time for booster shots. >> reporter: theresa feels good knowing her family is protected. her twins need a booster in six years. >> i think it's better, some protection than none at all. >> experts say if you didn't get a booster shot as a teen, it's a good idea to get one now. also pregnant women, you haven't been vaccinated or gotten a boost arer, you should get one late -- booster, you should get one late in pregnancy or right after delivery to protect the newborn baby. the death toll from two factory fires in pakistan is up to 314 and most of them were killed when flames broke out at a clothing factory. a second fire at a shoe factory left dozens more dead. investigators say a lack of emergency exits, alarm and sprinklers prevented many workers from getting out safely. people were also trapped by windows covered with metal
5:35 pm
bars. prince william and kate make headlines in asia. while in singapore prince william told reporters he wants two kids. the duke and duchess of cambridge are there touring businesses, community centers, even a biosphere taking part in celebrations marking queen elizabeth ii diamond julie and among their first stop singapore's gardens. an 8-year-old boy who went for a joyride said he just wanted to be like his mama. andrew lutz do barely see over the steering wheel in upstate new york and about a 1/2-mile from the house he decided enough of this, but navigating going back home was no easy deal. he ran over a is it, hit a fire hydrant -- a stop sign, hit a fire hydrant and ran into a
5:36 pm
neighbor's yard. >> i jumped the curb and i got really scared. >> i don't think he fully understood the ramifications and the seriousness of him taking that car for a ride. >> you think? police say charges will not be filed against lutz because he's just a kid and his parents say they are going to start hiding the keys to the car just to make sure this doesn't happen anymore. >> that's a good call. coming up you may want to take the keys from this driver after what she did in order to pass a stopped school bus. >> up next a motorcyclist miraculously walks away from a fiery crash. >> don't forget we're always on at stay with us. we'll be right back.
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i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. mitt romney's position on women's's dangerous. vo:mitt romney and paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. and allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control. we can't afford to let him take away our choices... to take away basic health care. vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest. i don't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in decades.
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caught to tape, we got a dramatic motorcycle accident down in colombia. watch this biker speed directly into a pole, going to fast he's knocked off the bike and then the bike bursts into flames. still this driver just kind of gets back to his feet and gets out of the way and then just kind of watches his bike go up in smoke. an ohio school bus driver decided to take justice into his own hand to help police nab
5:40 pm
a really unsafe driver. >> this is cell phone video he shot of a silver jeep driving up on the sidewalk to pass his stopped school bus with red lights flashing. the bus driver said the jeep driver has done it before, but this time police were waiting. the driver's mother told a reporter the bus she passed stopped to pick up a handicapped child. >> the bus for some reason takes an inordinate amount of time talking to the parent every day, but he takes forever. while he's doing all that we're waiting this. morning she was late trying to get her daughter to school. the reason for going around was to give that bus plenty of room. >> except that's still wrong. the drive was cited for not stopping for the school bus. her mother claims it was the first time she's ever telary driven on the sidewalk to pass the stopped bus, not that she's done it before, she just didn't jump the sidewalk before. still ahead a local university professor takes some time at head of the class to attend to her infant.
5:41 pm
we're talking about what you're talking about. that's up next.
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we are back with our own lesli, anita and jc hayward getting the views out about the things you are talking about. let's get going with this american u professor, shows up at class, has a sick baby and starts to breastfeed while the lecture is going on. i went to au and that never happened in my day. ladies. >> you know what? i think we can all relate to this. >> i can't. >> working mom, single parent. >> i'd never pull my breasts out in public. >> thank goodness. >> working mom, got a sick child in a bind. what do you do? you don't breastfeed in chase room setting. she could have had her -- a classroom. she could have had her teaching assistant do something. she should have gone someplace else private to do that. >> i agree. >> the students didn't complain about the breastfeeding. they complained about the fact the baby was sick and moving around.
5:45 pm
>> yes. i think a mother cat would have been more sensitive to a kitten than this woman because this child was crawling on the floor like a little animal picking up a dirty paperclip putting it in its mouth, sticking its finger in an electrical outlet. what kind of mother? you don't let your child crawl on a dirty floor. >> final word. >> it is a bind any of us have been in where you feel you're trying to make a decision between your child and your job and sometimes in trying to do the best you don't really do the best at either one. >> i think that's a good note to end on. this is another motherly topic of mothers and daughters. i'm told they have some fights about what the young girls are allowed to wear these days. i see some shorts and stuff that i wouldn't expect to see a 30-year-old wearing, much less than a 7-year-old. >> they look like little hussies some days. >> this is a debate of the
5:46 pm
mother of a 7-year-old girl who says everybody is wearing short shorts. all these retailers are shorter and shorter and you feel like you are in lone voice against a tidal wave, but we as parents have to say no or the retailers will keep suppliering them. i have middle ground, one pair of short shorts for the pool or beach, longer shorts for school, but i'm still not making her happy. >> it's not just the teens. i've got an almost 7-year-old and this stuff is being marketed to 7-year-olds. don't forget abercrombie & fitch had a big outrage a year ago when they were trying to market padded bikini bras to 7- year-olds. there's this oversexualization of younger girls from the clothes and the makeup and underwear. i think at some point you have to say if you're going to wear the short skirts, you're going to wear some leggings or something. >> i think wear uniforms at all schools and we don't have to
5:47 pm
worry about this. >> pretty boring. let's move on to the baltimore ravens because they've got a linebacker who said i support gay marriage. well, that started a whole firestorm because a local legislator named emmett burns wrote a letter to the team saying the line back her no business getting involved in this -- backer had no business getting involved in this kind of thing and said i know of no other nfl player who had done what he is doing. what will it take for there to be an active professional male active who says yeah, i'm gay and who has a problem? >> derek, what do you think? we have a debate about masculinity, isn't it? >> a couple things. you know there are gay guys in the nfl. there's no question that there are. >> there's gay people everywhere. >> so what would it do for the gay rights movement to have a guy come out who everybody thinks is really big, strong and tough and say yeah, i happen to like dudes? i think that would be the biggest step forward since stonewall that. would be huge because then regular dudes who may building
5:48 pm
on the fence and not quite sure about what it is to be gay -- >> regular dudes. >> heterosexual dudes would say big joe is gay, it's okay. >> oh, no, i don't go along with you. >> ex-pro players are saying wade davis who used to play for the redskins came out after the team and i think that was an issue. how am i going to be treated by my teammates. >> gay marriage is coming out saying i support this issue. that's not even going that far. >> that doesn't mean that he's gay. it just means he believes in right for other folks. >> i think what is different is even though society is more comfortable with people living their own authentic lives, that just hasn't spilled into some of the pro sports and in particular, the ones where you have to be seen as masculine and dominant and it's just two very different images in some people's minds. >> that may be the case, boutte got other sports, basketball,
5:49 pm
baseball -- but you've got other sports, basketball, baseball, all the sports where it's a team game. i haven't played pro level ball and don't know what it's like. i believe most guys would judge a guy on what kind of person he is. it would not matter whether he was gay, straight, whatever. >> it reminds me of the civil rights movement where you have people yelling get them people back to africa. guess what, we're still here. that's going to lap with gays. gays have been -- happen with gays. gays have been here since the beginning of time. let's talk about this actress who lost 20-pound since splitting with her husband of 11 years, she's happier and more confident. looks kind of ripped up. >> she's 20 pounds lighter, do you think she'd look better with the 20 pounds? >> she's a woman in a two piece. women should feel good about themselves whether they're with or without a man.
5:50 pm
>> what about revenge makeovers, is that the best payback after a breakup? >> i guess for some people it is, but revenge is really for the other people. if i'm doing something for america it's for me. if she's losing the weight because she wants to be healthy and look better, but we have this sort of skewed vision in this country and it's not beautiful unless it's almost skinny, svelte, raillike and if that's what's motivating her, that's troublesome. if she's just motivated on her own to look better, do you. >> i don't like the word revenge. what does that mean? >> i've seen women going through rebirth. i've had several friend goes through major splits and it's very painful and some of what they found, though, is finding a new self, hopeful not just on the outside, but on the inside. >> and do it because you want to do it to file good about you, not because some imagine has left you. >> fair enough -- some man has left you. >> fair enough. from the male perspective can i tell you this, when i've been in relationships, i get fatter
5:51 pm
because i'm happier. when i sit up, i'm unhappy, so i don't eat. >> where are you now? >> i'm in a relationship, so i'm happy and i'm therefore, far too fat. >> let's go to topper. what's going on? >> take that, topper. >> that's pretty good. we are looking at a perfect evening. if you're headed out, you won't need a sweater until late. let's start with the michael and son weather cam. high today 81, temperature right now still 80, dew points in the low 50s, fantastic. in the 50s, open your windows. winds like the pressure actually coming up now 30.31 inches of mercury. well, let's talk about temperatures. got 70s, 80s. in fact, today was a bit below average. your average high is 82. we were 81. still 80 downtown. a lot of 70s, arlington, bethesda, great falls 79, 74 reston, 79 toward centreville, a little hotter east, 80 in college park, laurel, 706 in
5:52 pm
bowie. we can manage -- 76 in bowie. we can manage 80 degrees right now with low humidity. cool tonight, not as chilly, certainly comfortable, a terrific thursday, humidity staying low. remember your shades tomorrow, pretty much full sun again. tonight clear, cool, leave the ac off. you'll need a sweater if you're out past 11:00 doing something crazy on wednesday night, lows 52 to 62, winds south, southeast at 10. morning sunny, cool start. the kids will need a sweater at the bus stop, 50s and 60s. i don't think we'll have any 40s overnight. we have had two nights in a row with the suburbs in the upper 40s. mostly sunny, gorgeous thursday afternoon, high temperatures in the low 80s, winds light southeast at 10. next three days code green because spectacular tomorrow, sunshine, 81, still nice friday, 82, some clouds coming in late friday, maybe a shower friday night, not a power packed system, nice saturday, temperatures in the upper 70s.
5:53 pm
next seven days because of this little drop we added friday we're going to clean out saturday and sunday, upper 70s both days, next chance for showers monday, maybe a leftover shower tuesday and much cooler next wednesday with highs in the low 70s. back to you. >> very nice. we've got breaking news out of baltimore where police are searching for a gunman who opened fire at the morgan state university campus. we're told that one person has been shot and wjz tv in baltimore report it all happened near the fieldhouse, no more information about the victim's condition or identity. we do know the cops are looking for whoever did it. we'll have more information as soon as we get it. still ahead tonight remembering the american diplomat killed trying to help rebuild libya in the wake of civil unrest. >> later campaign 2012 is ready to make a big splash with a return to virginia. >> reporter: i'm kristen
5:54 pm
berset live at redskins park with robert griffin, iii and his day at the media.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
now 9 sports with kristen berset. >> reporter: i'm live at redskins park. robert griffin, iii taken to the podium talking about his debut in new orleans this weekend. he said he feels medical fly and mentally pretty good --
5:57 pm
physically and mentally pretty good after that win. they've put that behind them now. rg3's debut has got people talking all over the country, 320 passing yards, two touchdowns, no interceptions, earning him praise and accolades from everywhere, but he said he was just glad to come out with the w. >> defense played well. offense came together. everybody knows if they take care of their assignments we can win and we got the talent to do it. i feel good about the excitement about this team and i think the team feels good about itself just with the way we performed last week and we got to continue to carry that on. >> reporter: i'm joined live by grant pahlsson, 106.7 the fan. we saw a lot of options run in in game we don't see too often in the nfl. for those that maybe don'ted up, can you briefly explain what that is. >> a lot of what griffin was doing with the redskins this understand with, not unlike cam newton in carolina and tim
5:58 pm
tebow in denver, it's gimmicky and collegelike almost, but if you have a quarterback with his speed and can make decisions like he can, when you're in baylor, it's difficult, you're asking defensive ends and linebackers to read whether or not he's going to keep or give the football and he can also throw it down the field. it's a lot to ask a defense to get ready for in one week of preparation. >> reporter: it made a lot of people talk about his performance. obviously he exceeded expectations, but his a man target pierre garcon didn't -- his main target pierre garcon didn't practice today. how big of a loss would that be if he can't play sunday? >> it would be critical. he was targeted six times, made four catches, scored a touchdown, set up a first and goal from the 1, made a nice concentration call. he'll be an okay replacement. garcon got 20 million guaranteed and signed four minutes pa the new league for a reason. -- after the new league for a reason. he is their playmaker. >> reporter: we'll see in st.
5:59 pm
louis if we'll actually see him. kristen berset, 9 news now at 6:00 starting right now. this is 9 news now. the united states condemns in the strongest terms this outrageous and shocking attack. >> strong words from the white house tonight after the u.s. consulate attack killed four americans including the ambassador. bruce leshan is following the story tonight. what a loss. >> definitely. these were people that are out there working for america overseas and the obama administration now believes that this was not an unplanned attack. he believes it was planned by extremists and inspired by al- qaeda that, it was not a huge mob outraged about an amateur film about the profit mitt romney, but an outrage of the militants who struck on 9/11. the assault on the temporary american consulate in benghazi left the building in

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